Sunday, April 1, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes--March

 3/1--Caroline noticed something she had never seen before:

"Mom--there's Ramses on our wheels!"

Pretty good observation, huh?
I didn't realize Dodge owners were Tarheels fans.

3/27--We saw a yellow motorcycle as we were leaving the library.  Care Bear said, "Oh my gosh.  I could just look at that for the rest of my life."

Wanna-be Motorcycle Owner

3/28--When we saw a taxi driving around town today, C asked, "Why do they call it a taxi?  Maybe because they tax so much." And then she started laughing her head off at her own joke.

Wanna-be Stand Up Comedian

3/28--Whit called me into the office to show me: "Mom!  I can fold myself in half!"

Wanna-be Contortionist

3/29--We had a man working in the backyard to pull out some bushes.  Whit looked out the window and said, "He's got a pick-ax.  I wish I could use one of those!"

Wanna-be pick-axer

3/30--We saw a black Jeep in a parking lot and  Whitney said, "Bye-bye, black Jeep."  It got everyone making up lyrics to a new song:  Bye-bye, black Jeep.  Have you any fuel?  Yes, sir.  Yes, sir, three tanks full.

Random photos of the month:
Whit caught a ladybug

The rope swing has been upgraded.

The kids LOVE it.

After attending an open studio for our friend, Clark,
the kids were inspired to try their own abstract art.

The girls got a short little tennis lesson at a
summer camp event.  Go girls!

Looks like Mia and Caroline are ready for
jobs at Disney.  They've got the princess
poses down pat!

 After two LATE nights in a row,
Caroline couldn't even make it up the stairs to bed.
She crashed right here.


  1. I love that Caroline thought that ram was rameses. I hope she becomes a tarheel one day. And too funny that she feel asleep on the stairs.

  2. i know what night that last picture was taken. funny enough, my own sass-acting 3-year-old did NOT crash after said event.

    and look out brian reagan. with jokes like the taxi joke, she'll bring the house down!

  3. We will never look at Dodge trucks in the same light now.
    Sharp eyes. The great-grandparents in us hope that tree branch can take all that updating.
    Some great shots of your cute kids.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Grandpa Sweat would be so proud of Caroline for noticing the ram on your wheels! He always notices rims and wheels! Thanks for the great tradition you continue each month. Long may you reign!
    Mom S